2nd Class Plan of Work

2nd Class Plan of Work
Mrs. Murphy & Ms. Farrelly

  15th-26th June 

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Mrs Murphy and Ms Farrelly’s 2nd Class from Monday the 15th June to Friday the 26th of June. 

Mrs Murphy can be contacted during school hours by emailing amurphy@scoillorcain.com

Ms Farrelly can be contacted during school hours by emailing cfarrelly@scoillorcain.com

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Firstly, a big thank you again to you the parents who have continued to support your child’s learning during this difficult time. Teachers will make every effort to catch up on missed work in early 3rd Class. Please find below the suggested material for this the last fortnight of work before the summer break. 
To the boys, you have been wonderful to work with during the year. We are both so proud of how hard you have worked over the past few months and for staying at home and helping to keep people safe. We look forward to seeing you all in September and we wish you all the best in 3rd Class. 
We hope that you and your son have an enjoyable summer and a well earned break from school work. 
Ms. Farrelly and Mrs. Murphy
​Virtual School Tour to Mars !! 


Sports Day 
Try this Virtual Sports Dayhttps://sites.google.com/holyangelsns.ie/virtualsportsday/home  if you cannot open link simply go onto http://ecsligo.ie and click on Virtual Sports Day 

English Week 1

Resources Online

1. www.cjfallon.ie

2. Parent/Student Resources

3. Student Resources

4. Primary+2nd Class+ Subject+book+online book

1. Folensonline.ie and click register

2. Select teacher

3. Fill in username, email and password.

4. For roll number use the code-Prim20

1. www.twinkl.ie

2. Create account for free

3. Type in name of worksheet or powepoint that you wish to  access


Phonics (Sounds)



Comprehension and Grammar


The grammar exercise in this chapter is plurals. Normally we just add “s”. However, if the word in the singular ends in -s, -x, -ch or -sh we add “es”, for example fox=foxes, match=matches


  • N.B-If your son is struggling with the comprehension in The Green Genie book then please complete- Two Little Frogs book Unit 20 pages 80 and 81 instead. https://www.folensonline.ie/


Oral Language


– Continue to give your child opportunities to speak and listen. This is very important for their confidence. Possible discussion may be about-books, games they play, TV programmes, things they have built, SESE topics. 

​Look up poems on this website and discuss. https://www.poetry4kids.com/poems/ 


  • My News (1-2 times a week)
  • Toy Story !!
Toy Story is celebrating its 25th year this year! You have been given the task to create a new character for the movie. You must include the following-
  1. Name of the new character.
  2. Description of what they look like.
  3. Description of their personality (What do they like? What do they dislike? What is their mood normally like?)
  4. What does the character do in the story?


​Please note, in 2nd Class we do not start learning how to join our handwriting. The focus is on making sure they form letters correctly. 


Week 2 English 

Phonics (Sounds)




Oral Language





Your turn to be the teacher!!! 
-Write 5 questions based on a book you are reading or anything you read recently for example recipes etc..

-Write 5 true or false questions about a book you are reading or something you have read recently for example a recipe etc. 


-Write your own quiz and test your family or friends. (Make sure you think about your family or friends interests before designing the quiz!) 

Week 1 Maths 


Resources Online

1. www.cjfallon.ie

2. Parent/Student Resources

3. Student Resources

4. Primary+2nd Class+ Maths+Master Your Maths+online book

Below is a link to Cracking Maths




​-Each day ask your child the following questions: What day is it? What day was yesterday? What day will tomorrow be? What date is it? What season is it? What month is it? What date will this day next week be? etc..

-Tables + 6 and + 7 

-Mental Maths 2nd Class, do 1 column a day Monday-Thursday. (Most boys should now have this book at home, the page number may vary for each child so find where your child stopped and start on the next week. If you didn’t get the book back then do Master Your Maths 2 pages 26 and 27. instead) https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/20355/8

Revision Work 

  1.   T  U                        T  U                 T  U                        T  U                  T U                       T U 

            5   6                         7  4                   3  3                         2  4                    3  8                        5  1

         –  3   2                      – 2  6                 –  1  4                     –      9                 –  2  4                     – 2 6 

        ______                    ______            _______                 ______              ________             ______

2. If child is struggling, take out 10 pieces of pasta and 2 plates. Share the pasta equally. (Take out four plates if doing quarters) 

½ of 10=

¼ of 12=

½ of 20=

¼ of 20=

¼ of 16=

½ of 10=

2 is a ¼ of ___

4 is ½ of ____

​3.  Write these times in digital 


½ past 3= 

½ past 11=

12 O’Clock=

7 O’Clock=

4. Remember: For one hour later the big hand goes the WHOLE way around the clock and back to where it started, the hour hand or small hand moves to the next number. 

What is 1 hour later than 4 O’Clock?

What is 1 hour later than 1 O’Clock?

What is 1 hour later than half past 6?

What is 1 hour later than half past 9?       

5. Fill in the missing numbers from a 200 square. (If child is struggling, look at a 200 square when completing) 

110     113


123     126  


6. Fill in the missing number. (Remember the equal sign means the same as) 
​____ + 4 = 10 
3 + ___ = 10
13 + ____ = 20
_____ + 5 = 20
20 = _____ + 16 
20 = 12 + ______
_____ + 4  =   11 + 7 
5 + _____ =   1 + 12 

7. Draw the coins you need to make..





​8. Word Problems (RUDE-Read, Underline, Draw, Evaluate or ROSE-Read, Organise, Solve, Evaluate strategy) 

​- Ben had 63 football cards. He gave 37 to his friend. How any cards has Ben now?

-There are 6 eggs in a box. How many eggs are there in 3 boxes?

-There are 38 cars in a car park and 15 vans. How many more cars are there than vans?

Week 2 Maths 


Maths Trail 
  1. How many windows in your house?
  2. How many panes of glass?
  3. What 2D shapes can you see?
  4. What 3D shapes can you see?
  5. Use your ruler to find the length of your kitchen table/the width of your TV/the width of your bed/the width of the front door.
  6. What items are measured in litres and millilitres? Name 6 of them and their measure.
  7. What items are measured in kilograms and grams? Name 6 of them and their weight.
  8. List the people in your house starting with the tallest?
  9. List the people in your house starting with the oldest? Are both lists the same?
  10. What time is it on the clock? 
  X’s and O’s Addition and Subtraction Game 
Shopping receipt
Using a food shop receipt answer the following questions:
  1. What date is on it?
  2. What time is on it? 
  3. What is the name of shop?
  4. How many items were bought?
  5. What was the most expensive item?
  6. What was the cheapest item?
  7. How many items were more that 2 euro?
  8. How many items were less than 2 euro?
  9. What was the total cost of the items altogether?
  10. Could you switch the amounts to just cents? for example £1.30 = 130c 
  11. Pick 3 different items and draw the coins to make it. 
  12. Come up with your own questions. 


Irish Week 1 


1. Go to www.folensonline.ie.

2. Click register.

3. Select Teacher

4. Fill in a username and password.

5. Roll Number-Prim20

6. The book we use is Fuaimeanna agus Focail 2

1. Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login

2. Fill in username with-primaryedcobooks

3. Fill in password with- edco2020

4. The Irish book we use is called Bua na Cainte 2


New Words- 

Do A OR B 

New Words A 

Look up the words on this link. They have the Irish meaning and pronunciation included. https://www.cnag.ie/images/Cultur_Club/Doodles/Samhradh_A3.pdf

New Words B

  1.  caisleán= castle
  2. portán = crab 
  3. uachtar reoite=ice cream 
  4. iasc=fish
  5. sliogán= shell
  6. spád= spade  
  7. deoch= drink 

Pick 6 items from EITHER new words A or new words B. Draw a picture of a beach including all 6 of your chosen items. Label each item. 
Make your own word search using this link and the new words above. The word search title could be An Samhradh which means summer. https://thewordsearch.com/maker Alternatively, try make the word search yourself! 

Duolingo App (If you are struggling with the Irish and would like to support your child, then download this app onto your phone/laptop/ipad. Its very quick and easy to set up. Child can use it by themselves. The big advantage is child is hearing the pronunciation of words/sentences. The lessons are short, about 5 minutes) 

Irish Week 2  + Art 

Make your own sock puppet by watching this Irish video on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1EUxhYD1N0


​-Density– Put something that is full of air like a tennis ball into water and something that is more solid like a marble into water…what do you notice? One will float and one will sink. If something floats it is not very dense. If something sinks then it is more dense. Try making a floating boat from fruit by following the steps in this link. https://www.science-sparks.com/fruity-boats/

Design a fork for the BFG (Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl) 

Design a maze using Lego or cardboard. Before beginning decide how many entrances there will be? Who are you making it for? What size will the object moving around be? Could you add magnets? 

-With an adult, test what food items will dissolve in water. Try sugar, cooking oil, salt, thyme, curry powder, gravy powder/molecules or other ones. Which ones dissolve? Which ones do not dissolve? What did you notice about the colour of the water? Did it change or stay the same? Remember to make it a fair test!! 
Simon says with a feelings twist! Play with your family or play on zoom/facetime with other family members or friends.
Simon says look happy/sad/upset/angry/frustrated/ excited/proud. 

Religion Week 1 and 2 

website: www.growinlove.ie

Login Details;

email: trial@growinlove.ie

Password: growinlove



Theme 9- Creation