Learning Support – Maths

Learning Support – Maths

Mrs McGovern 

2nd-12th June

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com




How are you getting on? Its really summer time now! I hope you are out in the lovely sunny weather. 
We will continue on with tens and units and start adding them .
Keep practicing time and your addition tables every day. 
These links are a really helpful and fun way to practice the topics we covered over the last months-of money, time fractions and tens and units 
Tens and Units
If you need me to send anything on or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email address lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com
Kind regards, 
Mrs McGovern 
Week 1 
Don’t forget to tap the money as you count it, and count on. Put dots above the coins too, if that helps. 
Please do question 1 on Wednesday and question 2 on Thursday.
Revision of addition tables – +1
Please write them out by yourself and Mam can tell you your score. 
Week 2 Monday 
Time vocabulary you can practice this week: 
Days of the week -Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Do you remember what we learned last time? 
We looked at tens and units. When you have a number that has two digits, the first digit is tens and the second is units
Look at the ten in each number:
15–fifteen has 1 ten in it
27—twenty-five has 2 tens in it
35–thirty five has 3 tens in it.
How many tens do these numbers have?
That’s right- 
46 has 4 tens.
57 has 5 tens. 
Can you remember the units now?
15–  fifteen has 5 units
27—-twenty seven has 7 units 
35—-thirty five has 5 units.
Now how many units have these numbers?
That’s right 
46 has 6 units.
57 has 7 units. 
Count the beads. There are 12 beads in the first example. Count to ten. All ten are red. The ones left
are the units-they are blue.
Can you draw the next one? Draw 11 circles, colour ten red, colour the unit blue. 
How many tens? 1 
How many units? 
Yes -1. Well done 🙂 
Can you draw the next ones by yourself? If you’re not sure, stop and check how many circles you’ve drawn. When you’ve finished, 
check you have drawn the right amount, then count to ten. Colour those ten red, colour whats left, blue. 
In the first sums- A, the tens and units are shown in cubes and lollipop sticks, 
you can count the blocks in each to see how many tens and units there are.
In B-the tens are grouped as lollipop sticks, you can count them in tens. 
Can you see how many tens there are in the first sum? 2 tens 
How many units are there? That’s right, 1 units.
Try the next one yourself. 
Use the hundred square below to count in tens.
Remember -they all have y at the end of them, except for 10. 
Written work Friday 
How many tens and units are shown by the lollipops below.