Physical Education


In accordance with our PE plan, all classes must do 1 hour of physical education each week. Teachers use the primary school PE curriculum as well as the PSSI lesson plans to plan their lessons. We follow a standardised PE timetable. Children from 1st to 6th class go swimming at the beginning of the year. Junior Infants cover the PAWS programme during this time. Children with special educational needs are integrated into PE lessons and also go swimming.


September 2017


Strand: Games / Aquatics


September we decided to take the Games strand and focus on playground games and turn taking games, to help start off the school year.

At the end of September the children in 2nd, 5th and 6th class started their 8 week block of swimming lessons with Waterford Crystal.


October 2017

Strand: Games / Aquatics


Swimming continued for the boys in 2nd, 5th and 6th. The rest of the classes continued on with their PSSI lessons plans on the Games Strand. The GAA coaches then started taking boys in 1st and 2nd class for after school hurling sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:00.






November 2017

Strand: Dance / Aquatics


Swimming is nearly finished with the boys in 2nd , 5th and 6th class. Once that is finished a second block of swimming lessons start for boys in 1st, 3rd and 4th for 8 weeks also. The Dance strand will be covered by the classes who aren’t going swimming on that particular week. Second class did a lot of Zumba themed dances with their teacher Mr. Moloney. The infant classes learned the Hokey Pokey and did a little performance for some classes. We also held a competition to find the School’s Active slogan and the winning entry was by Luke Comerford Grant who came up with the slogan: ___________________.


December 2017

Strand: Aquatics / Dance


Swimming continues for 1st, 3rd and 4th class. The rest of the school continue with their PSSI lessons on Dance. The second class and infants classes were also getting ready for their Christmas shows and a lot of choreography was used in their productions of “A king is Born” and “A Christmas Evening with the infants”. To help spread the Christmas cheer in the school, a few of the classes participated in a Christmas themed event – “ Santa Dash”. Children performed in relays wearing Santa hats. This was a great success and teachers agreed that this should become an annual event.








January 2018

Strand: Gymnastics


In January we began our Gymnastics strand. We are very fortunate to have gymnastic mats for our hall. The active committee cleaned up the PE store room and did an audit. The audit will be passed to the principal to see is there any further equipment that needs replacing or to buy new. With the Gymnastics strand, boys were learning how to do rolls and tumbles. The GAA coaches resumed their after school hurling training with the 1st and 2nd class boys.


February 2018

Strand: Gymnastics


Due to the sever weather conditions and school closures the Gymnastics sessions were cut short. But teachers and pupils made the most out of the time we had in school by continuing with the PSSI lessons plans and looking at videos on the PDST website.


March 2018

Strand: Athletics


This month saw the start of the Athletics strand. Teachers were following the PSSI lesson plans on Athletics. The active school committee put in an application for a person from Athletics Ireland to come down and give a demonstration to teachers and pupils. Just before the Easter holidays we received word that Athletics Ireland would call to the school when we return after Easter.





April 2018

Strand: Athletics


Athletics Ireland gave a demonstation to the teachers as part of a Croke Park hour to show them how to integrate equipment into their PE lessons. The following day they gave mini lessons to the children so that they would become familiar with the use of the equipment during the lessons. The children really enjoyed these sessions and we would like to thank Pat from Athletics Ireland for giving his time to us. They left equipment for us to use for the next six weeks.


May 2018 / June 2018

Strand: Outdoor and Adventure.