5th Class Plan of work

5th Class Plan of work

Ms Tobin, Mr Barry & Mr Kelly

20th April – 1st May

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Ms Tobin, Mr Barry and Mr Kelly’s 5th Class from Monday 20th April – Fri 1st May.

Ms Tobin can be contacted during school hours by emailing rtobin@scoillorcain.com

Mr Barry can be contacted during school hours by emailing dbarry@scoillorcain.com

Mr Kelly can be contacted during school hours by emailing dkelly@scoillorcain.com

Hello Everyone,

I hope this finds you well.  Here are just a few lesson activities to choose from for the weeks after Easter. Have a look through see what takes your fancy and do your best.  We look forward to seeing how you all get on. 

English 2 Week plan 20/4/20 – 1/5/20

Week 1

Choose a newspaper (just one) of your choice it a can be a local newspaper or a national newspaper.

Is it a tabloid or a broadsheet?

Tabloid E.g. The Irish Sun    Broadsheet E.g. The Independent (Big)

 E.g. The Munster Express, Waterford News and Star, The Irish Independent


Choose 3 different articles: Sports article, financial or topical article and an advertisement.

Pay attention to the titles:

Make Predictions, what do you think the article will be about….

Once you have chosen your articles cut them out.

Write down 3 to 4 words that are new to you.

Use your phone or laptop or any device to use a dictionary online and look up their meaning. Write down the meaning of each word.


Next write 3 to 4 sentences on what you have learned from each article. Write on paper or take it down on a document on your laptop or Ipad.

 Week 2

Now it’s your turn. Use your previous work on newspaper articles.

Pretend you are a new reporter for the Waterford News and Star.


They are looking for you to write an article on the current COVID 19 pandemic/crisis.

What to include in your article?

A catchy Title

A lead introduction sentence?

Answer the Who, What, Where, When and Why questions.

The Body

What is the crisis in Ireland at the moment?

How did it begin?

Where did it begin?

Where is it spreading too?

Who is it affecting?

How is it affecting them?

How is it affecting you?

What can people do to try and stop the spread?

What are you doing?

Concluding sentence.



SESE Plan 20/4/20 – 1/5/20

Week 1

It’s time for you to put on your Green Schools Hat.

During this pandemic of COVID19 there have been dramatic decreases in environmental and air pollution.


Can you name 3 or 4 ways as to how or why environmental and air pollution has dropped?

What are the positives impact of this drop, can you google or look some good examples of the drop in pollution?


Take a look at your own home/house?

What sources of energy do you use? Fire, heating, electricity etc.

How often to you use them?



What are the origins of these sources of energy? E.g fire –coal, peat, turf etc…

Are you mindful of powering these energy sources on and off when they are not in use?

Check all the switches in your home? Do up a table too record how many are on or off and in what rooms?

Once you have gathered you data, can you now write a paragraph (6/7lines) describing how you could improve or maintain a good use of energy in your home?


When your finished watch this video clip based on promoting green home.



 SESE Week 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dgo49CqW31Q   Watch

Waste Management (How we throw away our rubbish/Litter)

Moving from our good green use of energy lets now tur our attention to waste management.

What does the phrase waste management mean to you?

What sort of waste management techniques or strategies do you know of?

What waste management techniques do we use in school, at home, in Waterford?

Can you name the 3 Rs?…. R                 R        R

Again, look at you own house?

Use pen, pencil and paper to record your thoughts and findings for the questions below, you should form a paragraph.

What waste management strategies do you use at home?

Are they effective?

What does the use of good waste management mean?

What are the positives of good waste management?

How could you encourage good waste management at home? Wat could you do to keep up god waste management at home?

Write a paragraph 4 to5 lines on how you would practice good waste management at home?

ART Task

Design a poster to promote good waste management.

Name the different ways of disposing our rubbish

X out the poor waste management strategies.


 Gaeilge Plan 20/4/20 – 1/5/20

Féach ar an bpictiúr síos. Look at the picture below. Úsáid na frásaí sa bhosca chun abairtí a cur le chéile. Use the phrases in the box below to make sentences to describe the picture. (5 to 6 sentences)

For Example: Is é Austin Gleeson.  Tá sé ag imirt…

Tá sé ag caitheamh…..   Tá cáman in  a lámh

Remember the verb comes first. Don’t forget sentence structure (“,)

Text Box: Is é Austin Gleeson.			Tá Austin ag imirt.. ( Austing is playing)	TTá sé ag imirt I bPáirc.. (He is playing in..)	Pórt Láirge  (Waterford)		Corcaigh (Cork)	ag imirt in aghaidh (playing against)		cluiche (match)		Tá lucht féachanna ann (spectators there)		An imreoir is fearr ná ( the best player is)		Tá sé ag caitheamh (He is wearing)			Tá….. in a lámh (There is a… in his hand)Ar a cheann (on his head)			Dath gorm, dath bán (the colour blue/white)





Maths 2 Week Plan

Week 1

Sudoku How to play watch this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-45gY61qmlw


Worksheet in this link. http://www.kidsmathgamesonline.com/sudoku/printableworksheets/easy/all.html

 It can be printed or you can just draw it out using paper, pencil and a ruler.



Wk1 – Time

Wk 2 – Area and Perimeter


Remember maths card games are a really fun way to practise your maths skills (either on your own or with other family members). Here are some games you can play using a deck of cards – https://www.weareteachers.com/math-card-games/

Please also practise multiplication and division times tables on a daily basis. Hit The Button is an excellent website for this.




Explanation Video: Recap – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqtT3qCQa9A

AM and PM – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxNCverq80


Fun Time Activities:


1. Using the internet, find out and write down what time it is right now (whenever you are reading this) in:

New York, Paris, Madrid, Helsinki, Moscow, Cairo, Los Angeles, Sydney, Rio de Janero, Capetown, Madagascar


2. Find out how old you are in days, weeks and months (if you want a real challenge try hours and then minutes!)


3. Create a diary of your dream day. In the first section write down the time in 24 hour time and beside it what you would do at that time. Eg – 15:30 Football training session with Ronaldo in Juventus Stadium.









Just download the problems on your device: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/time-word-problems-year-5-year6-calculation-of-journey-times-start-and-arrival-times-11785188




2. Area and Perimeter


Explanation Videos:


Area – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCdxURXMdFY

Perimeter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAy_CETEyUM

Area/ Per Rap – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSVMrPu0__U


This resource may also help you: https://www.geogebra.org/m/ZgwaBzBN


Remember: Area is multiplicationPerimeter is addition


Area: Find the area and perimeter of the following shapes –


For students who are confident: https://www.k5learning.com/free-math-worksheets/fifth-grade-5/geometry/rectangles-area-perimeter-metric


For students who are very confident: https://www.k5learning.com/worksheets/math/grade-5-geometry-rectangles-area-perimeter-metric-d.pdf


At home (if you have a measuring tape or a ruler, if you don’t have either use your foot) you can find the area and perimeter of a number of things (if they are rectangular or square). Measure the object and write down the area and perimeter. Some ideas:


Television, rectangular rug/ doormat, back garden, front garden, kitchen table, books etc.


Area of Triangles: https://www.mathworksheets4kids.com/triangles/area/customary/integers-t1-l1-1.pdf – Just be aware, many of these are in inches and feet.