Learning Support – Reading Recovery

Learning Support – Reading Recovery

Mrs McGovern 

18th-29th May  


Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com 




Hello to all the boys. I hope you are all well. I hope you are getting to watch Homeschool hub on RTE during the week, they have some great fun science and art ideas! 

Mr Flynn told us about a really cool magazine for kids this week.
You can have a look on the link below to read it.
There are articles about kids, famous people and things that have happened in history.
I hope you like the magazine, its nice to read something different sometimes. Magazines are a nice choice if you want to read something quick and interesting, but I’ve also included links to reading books below in three varying stages of difficulty.
 I know its hard to keep motivated, but reading just a little bit every day will have you feeling great about yourself and help you when you come back to school in September.
Wishing you all the best.
Mrs McGovern
News Flash magazine for kids:
Books and readers to read: 

The books for this fortnight are from oxfordreadingowl.co.uk. Access is free for parents and you can select from thousands of books.
You can join up by logging onto the site above, clicking on the parent’s button and then choosing a password. Click on the ebooks button and then select age level and type of book. They are quite wordy so we go a level lower here so that we experience success and enjoy the books
Here are some to help you if you are finding it hard to choose.
Set one 
Top Dog 
High frequency words for revision in this book:  the /look/ all /we /like/ this /little /best . We played a new game called “slap that word” with kitchen flippers or spatula’s this week. We cut out the words we wanted to revise and when I shouted out the word, we had to smack them with the spatula. It was great fun, whatever makes it easy to remember the words, keep practicing. You are all doing great.
 This /has/her/she/then are important words that come up in this book-A Dog’s Day. Keep practicing your Reading Recovery strategies- chunking longer words into part to figure them out and stretching out shorter words.
When you are reading, ask yourself, does it make sense? If it doesn’t, go back to the start of the hard word or the start of the sentence. 
This is a great book to revise the th sound in reading and its also  a bit funny!
The Ox and The Yak-this is a funny book with lots of rhyming words:
Please put the words highlighted in bold into sentences. You can write them on card or paper  as we do in school and put them back together again. If not writing them straight into your copy is just fine. 
Set 2 
A Hungry Fox: This book focuses on the ending of -ed and -ing words. Remember to chunk these words and read to the end of each word carefully.
This book is all about riding your bike. The Green story words inside the cover will help you chunk and read to the end of each word-adding s. The red words are high frequency words that are important to know. 
Our Incredible Planet.
This book is all abut caring for our planet. 
A book about Dinosaurs, take your time and chunk those long dinosaur words.
Please choose one of the topics above and write a paragraph about it. You can choose from these ideas if you are stuck:
My scooter
My Bike
Looking after where I live 
Think about what you want to write about. Your first sentence can be something interesting about your topic. Use different attributes to write about- use size words, colour words and shape words to write your sentences. 
Set 3 
Pets or Pests -Have a look at the red and green box words at the beginning of the story. These are great words to practice your reading skills with. Also the vocabulary checklist is a great way to check your understanding of new words. 
Remember to read “around” a word to the end of the sentence, to see if this can help you figure it out. 
Code: Dragon Training.
How did Tiger train the dragon?
How did he get the dragon to turn right?
Was it easy to train the dragon? Why?
How would you train a dragon? Write three sentences into your copy explaining how. 
The next book is about the Planets. 
Can you name all the Planets in our Solar system?
What was the name of the robots who went to Mars?
Pay attention to all the new vocabulary, can you use some of the words to write sentences? 
The next book is called a biography, it is about a real person. Her name is Julia Donaldson and she wrote “The Gruffalo” and lots of other really famous books you might have loved when you were younger. 
Could you write a biography about someone? Maybe your Mum. What makes your Mum special? What do you like to do together? Write four or five sentences about your Mum.
The link below is for the book   Code: Stampede.
What were Tiger and Mini looking for?
What could you use to glide down from the tree tops? What did the children climb up to get back up again?v In the second story Where did Tiger land? What happened next?  What “moving” words were used in the story? Can you put these works into sentences and write them down? 
Good luck and if you need any extra resources for writing or reading please don’t hesitate to contact me on my school email address.