Learning Support – Reading Recovery

Learning Support – Reading Recovery
Mrs McGovern
15th -26th June 

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com



Hello boys, 

How are you all doing? It’s our last two weeks of school now. I hope you are all getting on ok. I  am looking forward to the summer holidays, I bet you all are too. 
I hope you are getting to meet up with friends now that we can all go out a little bit more.
The work for the next fortnight is reading and some nice ideas for relaxing and being out and about. If you need to contact me at all with any questions or if I can send anything out to you just email me at the school email address.
Keep safe, 
Kind regards, 
Mrs. McGovern 
Under the Sea  see pdf attached 
Honeybees see pdf attached 
At The Beach -see pdf attached
1. What do you see at the beach? What is your favourite thing to see there?
2. Imagine the sounds and smells of the beach, which ones are your favourite?
3. What kind of things would you find in a rock pool at the beach?
4. Can you guess these words? 
I am a home for animals, I start with the sh sound. I am a sh_ _.
You can jump on me so your feet don’t get wet, I can be sore to stand on without shoes, I have ck at the end of my name. I am  a _ _ ck. 
I am gold or grey in colour, it hurts if I get in your eyes, and you can make castles from me. I have nd at the end of my name. I am _ _ nd. 
Spot the Difference -How many differences can you find?
Read and Colour At The Beach 
What can you see in this summer garden? Can you write three sentences about it?
Funny books to listen to on Storylineonline
Arnie The doughnut -read by Chris O’Dowd Storylineonline
Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies -read by Jaime Camil Storylineonline
When A Dragon Moves in -read by Mark Duplass Storylineonline