1st Class Learning Support – Reading Recovery

1st Class Learning Support – Reading Recovery

Mrs McGovern

5th May -15th May

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com


Hello boys, I hope you are doing well. Can you believe the summer is here already?
Are all your Easter eggs gone? Ours were gobbled up in a heartbeat!
I hope you and your families are getting to do nice things together when there is no school. Our favourite thing to do here is play lego and watch disney plus. I think sometimes my kids wish Mammy wasn’t a teacher though, they have to read and do sums every day! Do try to read as much as you can, as it will be easier for you when we all go back to school. 
I miss you all very much,
Kind regards, 
Mrs McGovern 
As we were covering the Dolch list words from 1-5 last time, I’d like you to continue on with lists 6-10 please. 
Try to practice five a day by making them into snap cards and saying them as fast as you can. if you have chalk and a bit of cement path in front of your house, you can write them down and play “jump on the word”. Guess the word is where you spell the word and your mum has to guess it!
List 6  way old saw call ran let sleep brown by their here after well think help make going yellow five six.
List 7  walk two or before eat again play who been may stop off never seven eight cold today fly myself round
List 8  tell much keep give work first try new must start black white ten does bring goes write always drink once
List 9  soon made run gave open has find only us three our better hold buy funny warm ate full those done
List 10  use fast say light pick hurt pull cut kind both sit which fall carry small under read why own found
Here is the link to the list of you want to go over the last list of words: 
Don’t forget to keep writing as much as you can.
Here are some ideas for you:
Writing a postcard to an aunty or cousin who doesn’t live with you. 
Writing about your day in a diary.
Writing a book report-based on one of the books you’ve read. 
I have attached some templates for you if you want to give some of them a try. 


The books for this fortnight are from oxfordreadingowl.co.uk. Access is free for parents and you can select from thousands of books.
You can join up by logging onto the site above, clicking on the parent’s button and then choosing a password. Click on the ebooks button and then select age level and type of book. They are quite wordy so we go a level lower here so that we experience success and enjoy the books. 
This is a really nice book, if your child is worried about the  coronovirus