5th Class Plan of Work

5th Class Plan of Work


Ms Tobin, Mr Barry & Mr Kelly


This two week plan is for all the boys in Ms Tobin, Mr Barry and Mr Kelly’s 5th Class(es) from 18th – 29th May.


Ms Tobin can be contacted during school hours by emailing rtobin@scoillorcain.com 

Mr Barry can be contacted during school hours by emailing dbarry@scoillorcain.com 

Mr Kelly can be contacted during school hours by emailing dkelly@scoillorcain.com


5th Class Challenge:


Over the next 2 weeks we are going to run a challenge called 5 for 5 between the three 5th classes (This also includes YOUR TEACHERS). Everyone has 5 exercises with 1 minute to complete as many of each exercise as you can before moving onto the next exercise. In total you have 5 minutes (each day, Monday to Friday). These are the 5 exercises:


  1. Star Jumps
  2. Press Ups
  3. Squats
  4. Sit ups
  5. Burpees


Use a stopwatch/ phone to time the 5 minutes. After 1 minute move onto the next exercise. Make sure to record the number of each exercise you completed and add it to find your total for the week. Don’t worry if you can only do a few of each exercise to start off with, just keep at it everyday and watch how you improve. 


Eg – Mr. Barry 


Star Jumps for week: 20

Press Ups: 40 

and so on


Please be completely honest and email your results to your teacher each Friday. It would be fantastic if lads could also send in one picture of them doing the exercise to inspire others. 


Finally, may the best class win!!! 







Oral Language:

Oral Language Research:  Ted Talks- for Senior Classes. (Can be found by typing the heading of the talk into Youtube.) Pick as many talks as you feel necessary. 


Ask the children to watch the Ted Talk and ask the following questions on the talk:  

1) What did you think of the video? 

2) What did you enjoy? 

3) What do you think the speaker chose to talk about this topic?

 4) What did you learn? 

5) What do you think you’ll do differently as a result of watching this? 


Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes.


https://   www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyVMZHjaY40


How the food you eat affects you brain.




A brie    (f) history of cheese.



 How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy.




Can you follow the instructions?


Lets get baking!

Have an adult supervise and read the instructions aloud to you?

Londis should have these ingredients ☺ 



150grams self-raising flour

2 eggs

100g butter

100g caster sugar



  1. Preheat the oven to 200*C/Fan 180*/Gas 6. Grease a queen cake tin or use bun cases. 
  2. Sieve the flour onto a plate 
  3. 3. Beat the eggs in a small bowl 
  4. 4. Cream the butter and sugar together until soft and creamy 
  5. 5. Add a little flour and some egg and beat it into the butter and sugar. Continue until all the flour and egg are mixed in, then add a little vanilla essence. IF the mixture appears dry, add a little water to make it a dropping consistency.  
  6.  Put spoonful’s of the mixture into the well-greased tins or paper cases. Bake for about 20 minutes.  
  7.  Serve on a plate.


Send us a picture of your queen cakes



Describe how the queen cakes looked, tasted and felt.







Week 1: Write a letter to a person you admire (this can be a family member, doctor, sporting hero, musician etc.) and include the following:


  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell your hero how you found out about them – maybe you saw them on TV or found a book they wrote.
  • Tell them why you like them so much. Perhaps they inspire you to be more active or help others.
  • Asking them some questions may help get a reply. Do they have any advice?

This website has some good information:



Week 2: The World in 2050


We want you to think what Ireland might be like in 2050 and to write down your ideas. Some areas that you might think about about are:


Homes – what kind of homes do people live in and what exciting technology is in these homes?

Technology – what other new ways do people use technology?

School – what will the school of 2050 look like (will there still be desks and chairs, books etc)

Transport – how do people get around? How do they move between countries?

Environment – what new ways have been introduced to help the environment?


Please feel free to come up with some other areas and MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR WORK, because in 2050 you will be able to look back on your predictions see if any came through.



Art – 


Draw an invention you think will help to improve the world and one that could be used by 2050. This is an example of a layout you could use. Make sure to include:


The drawing of your invention

Why your invention is needed (purpose)

How it works

How it will help others


Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OVIxo8XI_AD0bKMuNbNBcs7s2T7_asiuD-E7ZNU8rj_QHQ1UMwHH2iMT6gIu6TCGImjKrumF_tyZCfbwVMbRscSGA2N0rGPiSGYapERbXL-sjDmB121HN9e3U7eb0Q

Maths Costing of the Recipe 


(Remember: To find the cost of one we must divide the whole amount by the price: E.G. If 6 eggs = £4.80   Price of one egg = £4.80 divided by 6= .80cent so 2 eggs = .80c+.80c = £1.60


If the full bag of sugar weighs 1KG which is 1000 grams, to get 100g you divide 1000 by 100 which is 10.  

• If the bag of sugar costs 1 euro, you divide 1 by 10 which gives you 0.10 and that will give you the cost of the 100g of sugar. 

 • So 100g of sugar costs 10 cent.


How much did 150grams of flour cost?          `

How much did 2 eggs cost?

How much did 100grams of butter cost?

How much did 100grams of caster sugar cost?   

If you get the recipe done and you are looking for some extra money questions follow these 5 money powerpoints. N.B. These are optional and whether you do them is up to you or not 🙂


Please keep up with your multiplication tables practise, and card and dice games. A game that is great fun to play with a parent, brother or sister is Boxes. All you need is a piece of paper and 2 different coloured pens or pencils. Here are the rules and a video explaining the game – https://www.gamesforyoungminds.com/blog/2018/12/23/dots-and-boxes



Lá ag an Trá https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDvaJDZwFF4 watch this video to get you started


Scríobh 6 abairtí faoin bPictiúr Lá ag an trá. Úsáid na frasaí chun cabhair a thabhairt leat.  (Write 6 sentences about the picture ‘A day at the Beach’, use the phrases and words around the picture to help you.

Tarraing pictiúr freisin. (Draw your own picture too) Don’t forget you can show us your master piece of words and pictures. We would love to see it. ☺





Freagair na Ceisteanna: Answer the questions to help you?



An bhfuil an ghrain ag taitneamh? Tá/Níl an ghrian……

Cad atá ag eitilt sa spéir? Tá …….. ag eitilt sa spéir?

Cé mhéad páistí sa phictiúr? (How many children?) Tá…… páistí sa… 

Cad atá na páistí ag imirt le? Tá na páisti ag imirt le…….. 

An bhfuil na páistí ag snámh? Tá/Níl na páistí……..

An bhfuil gainimh ann?..

Scriobh 2 abairtí faoin aimsir? Write 2 sentences about the weather? 


Game (Cluiche):

You can really improve your vocabulary with simple Irish games. One game is called Liathróid – this involves throwing a ball to a partner and naming the objects in your house/ street etc as Gaeilge (in Irish). Every time you cannot name an object in Irish you get a letter (just like Donkey). The winner is the last one standing. You can use https://www.focloir.ie/ to discover the words for things you do not already know before you start the cluiche. 





Looking Back on The High Kings of Ireland and The Chieftains

Mini Project: Poster/Booklet with pages 


A look at the programme below will give you an idea of the food and customs they had around cooking and eating. It will show the types of food they ate and the way they cooked their food as closely as they can. 



Watch Season 3 Episode 1 Lord and Ladles


Some questions to help you form/write your project:


The last High King of Ireland was Rory O’Connor


Who was Rory O’Connor?

Where did he come from?

How did he become the High King of Ireland? 

What role did he have before he became High King of Ireland?

What was Rory O’Connor known for/What did he do?

What famous house is Rory O’Connor associated with in Ireland? (in the Video) What County is it located in? 

What kind of food and drinks did people at this time eat at dinner/feasts?

How did they cook their food at this time? Did they have electricity? Was it fast or slow?

Would you eat the food that people ate in the past?


Other Project sources that may be helpful:






Remember, don’t forget to show your great work and effort with a picture for the website. We look forward to seeing them